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Dead Zed 2 Hacked

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Dead Zed 2 HackedGame Dead Zed 2 Hacked is the second Zombie Apocalypse! Run! Scream! No, wait… You are the last man standing against zombies, and your objective is to find the last, if there actually are any other, survivors. You also need to gather supplies such as food, water and weapons, because humans can’t live off air you know, and you need to defend yourself. You basically get to run around wielding all manner of weapon, from guns to bombs, just try not to blow yourself up and blowing up Zombies. Be sure you aim for the head, these guys don’t die easily, head shots are also worth more points, just saying. Gameplay is fairly simple, in practicality at least, and you can play using a standard mouse and keyboard. Burn off some anger at work or school perhaps. The following keys/functions are controlled by: Mouse – Aims and shoots; Q – Activates weapons; F – Triggers firing modes; 1, 2, 3 – Remove bombs; 4 – Toggles health; 5 – Toggles Money; 6 – Toggles Ammo; 7 – Toggles Rage; 8 – Unlocks all weapons; 9 – Toggles one shot kill function. Rage-meter refills with each head/kill shot you get. The game gets harder as you progress, with numbers of the undead increasing, and scenarios becoming tougher. Send your survivors you manage to find out to scavenge for you, they can assist in the survival of your group and help you to be more effective. The more survivors you manage to rescue and utilize, the better you’ll do, it’s basically the same as building an army, just strategy of a different sort. Happy hunting gamers, shoot to kill!

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